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Canada is a global education hub with the world’s most prestigious universities. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students choose Canada as their study destination. Canada welcomed over 551,000 students in 2022, taking the total number of students in the country to more than 800,000. Canadian education is more affordable than in most developed countries. Canada encourages international students to immigrate and pursue study programs by providing diverse study visa options. Students can explore different pathways to permanent residency by getting Canadian work experience.

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  • World-class education and bright career prospects– Canada has a world-class infrastructure for education with several top-ranking universities like the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia offering diverse study programs. Students can get exposure to multi-disciplinary education besides opportunities to pursue management studies. Students can boost their career prospects by getting degrees with international recognition. 
  • Multicultural exposure– Canada is an immigrant-friendly country welcoming immigrants from all over the world. International students can easily mix with their communities besides getting multicultural exposure. Canada respects all traditions of people from diverse religious backgrounds. 
  • Suitable medium of instruction– Students from across the globe can benefit from English as a common medium of instruction in Canadian institutions. English is Canada’s official language besides French. Students should demonstrate their English language abilities by clearing IELTS, CELPIP, or PTE to become eligible for a study visa.
  • Faster integration into Canada’s job market– Canada allows students to work off-campus during study programs and encourages them to seek job opportunities to get Canadian work experience. 
  • Education as a stepping stone to permanent residency– Canada’s most popular Express Entry application management system assigns higher marks to studies in Canada besides Canadian work experience. International students can leverage the Post Graduate Work Permit option to get relevant work experience and qualify for permanent residence through Express Entry selection. 

A study visa is an official document to establish immigration status enabling international students to get a study permit and study in Canada in a Designated Learning Institute. There are several eligibility requirements to qualify for a study visa. It entitles the student to live in Canada legally for a specific period and extend the stay after completion of the study program.

They can extend their study visa thirty days before its expiration by applying for the extension. International students can explore off-campus work opportunities to gain exposure to Canada’s job market and develop local contacts, which will be helpful for their future careers.

Study visa application

International students aspiring to pursue study programs in Canada should have all standard travel documents like passports, copies of certificates as proof of school, college or diploma education, financial statements, and language test results.  

Study visa applicants should provide several documents with the visa application. The types of documents may vary with the country of citizenship. An experienced immigration counsel can guide you in arranging documents by assessing your profile.

  • DLI’s acceptance letter– It is the most crucial document to qualify for a Canada study visa. Students must get an acceptance letter from Canada’s Designated Learning Institute indicating the type and duration of the study program.  
  • Admissibility proofs– Medical and criminal inadmissibility can result in the rejection of a study permit. A fitness certificate and a police clearance certificate are necessary documents for a study visa application. 

Proof of financial support– The Canada study visa application must accompany details of funds to support the student while studying in Canada. These include bank statements and other proofs of funds. 

  • Choosing a study program– The selection of a study program that is relevant to past education, work profile, and career plans is crucial. It will help the student get an acceptance letter faster. 
  • Selecting a study institution– There are several study institutions in Canada. Focus on Designated Learning Institutes providing study programs of your choice. 
  • Getting the acceptance letter- A Designated Learning Institute’s acceptance letter is the foundation of a Canadian study visa. Experienced immigration consultants can help you get an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution. 
  • Documentation– One must start organizing documents before initiating the study visa application process. These may include language test results, acceptance letters, and travel documents. 
  • Apply for a student visa– Students should create an online account for submitting an electronic application for a study permit by accessing the website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Submit all documents by uploading scanned and attested copies. Alternatively, a student can mail a paper-based application with copies of relevant documents to the nearest Visa Application Center (VAC). 

Receive study permit at POE– The student gets a Port of Entry (POE) introduction letter from the Canadian immigration department after approval of the study visa. They should travel to Canada to receive a study permit after producing the POE introduction letter to immigration officers at the border.

Students from several countries, including India, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, can expedite the study visa process by leveraging the Student Direct Stream. The study visa rejection rate is negligible if a student applies through SDS. They can get a study visa within a couple of weeks or a maximum of twenty days through the Student Direct Stream. 

The Student Direct Stream mandates the submission of a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC). The student applying for a study visa through the Student Direct Stream must make complete payment of course fees and produce a payment confirmation letter from the Designated Learning Institution. 

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Canada’s study visa allows the student to bring the spouse and dependent children to live with them. A spouse can apply for a study permit or open work permit to work with any employer in Canada. The student’s dependent family members can live in Canada till the study permit’s validity period.

Education in Canada is helpful to become a permanent resident. Canada’s federal and provincial immigration systems attach great importance to Canadian education and work experience. Students can explore several options to work in Canada after their studies by extending their stay.  

  • Post-graduation Work Permit– Most students apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) to improve their eligibility for permanent residence by gaining Canadian work experience. PGWP allows students to live in Canada for up to three years after their studies. The work experience helps them rank higher in the Express Entry selection process with more CRS scores. 

Provincial immigration- Canada’s provinces and territories operate exclusive Provincial Nominee Programs to attract international students by nominating them for permanent residency.  

Choosing a learning institution or study program to get a Canadian study is challenging because of the diverse options Failure to select the right study program or DLI may result in study visa rejection. Documentation is also a critical aspect of study visa application requiring the support of a professional immigration consultant. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Opportunity to study in the world’s top universities, safe and multicultural environment, and pathways to permanent residency after completing study programs are the three top reasons to choose Canada for studying.

Canada attracts students from over 200 nations across the world. The most prominent nationalities of these students are Indian, Chinese, South Korean, French, and Vietnamese.

Canada allows spouses and dependent children to accompany international students to Canada.

The major factors affecting the choice of a Canadian city for education are the type of study program, budget, future job prospects, language, and types of immigrant and student communities.

Graduation from Canada’s designated Learning Institute is a main eligibility requirement for Post-graduation Work Permit.

The validity of the Post-graduation Work Permit (PGWP) ranges from eight months to three years. It depends upon the duration of the study program.

Applying for a Post-graduate Work Permit is the most popular option to stay in Canada after studies. It improves your eligibility to become a permanent resident through Express Entry selection.

The University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, Université de Montréal, and McMaster University are top universities in Canada.

A Canadian Study Permit is an official document to study and stay in Canada legally. Students can apply for a study permit after getting an acceptance letter from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Canada allows international students to work off campus for unlimited hours, as per the new policy.

Applicants of Canada’s Federal Start-up Visa program should establish links with private investor organizations in Canada like business incubators, angel investors, or venture capitalists. These will help them with managerial support, funding, and guidance in operating the business. The applicants should demonstrate an ability to run an innovative startup business to settle in Canada.

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