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Quebec Invites 1,433 Candidates in the Recent Arrima Draw

Immigration, Frenchisation, and Integration (MIFI), issuing 1,433 invitations to apply for permanent residence.

The twelfth Arrima draw, under Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP), invited candidates with a minimum score of 586 points. The eligible candidates for Quebec’s Arrima draw required a minimum Level 7 French language proficiency and a valid job offer outside the Montreal Metropolitan area.

Quebec operates a Regular Skilled Worker Program (QRSWP) for eligible skilled workers who can contribute to the province’s job market and economy. The QRSWP is a popular immigration option for immigrants aspiring to work and live in Quebec.

The regular invitation rounds select candidates for Quebec immigration by evaluating these criteria:

Human capital

Labor market needs

Government priorities

Destination region

Occupational or professional experience

Interested candidates create an Expression of Interest profile and upload it on the Arrima portal. Quebec uses a point-based assessment system to select the top-ranking candidates from the EOI bank. Candidates receive notification through the Arrima message center with guidelines to apply for permanent residence.

Quebec enjoys autonomy in designing its immigration policies and programs. It operates a separate selection process for inviting the most appropriate candidates to address provincial needs.

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