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Quebec is a unique province of Canada with a distinctly French flavor and stunning landscapes. A predominantly French-speaking province, Quebec operates its separate immigration program in collaboration with Canada’s federal immigration to boost and guard its unique Francophone culture. The province has a distinctive selection process and qualifying criteria to bring eligible immigrants to study, work, and settle. Hiring a reputed Quebec immigration consultant is essential to find the right program matching your profile for a successful migration to Quebec.

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Quebec is home to over one million immigrants enriching the province’s cultural diversity. The thriving economy of Quebec generates several work opportunities in various industries. Immigrants can explore better career growth by exploring a broad spectrum of Quebec immigration pathways.

 Quebec’s urban centers provide access to more affordable living compared to Vancouver and Toronto. It is the second largest city after Paris in terms of the highest number of French-speaking people.

Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada, hosting the Osheaga Music Festival, the International Festival of Jazz, and several international events and festivals annually. You can enjoy diverse landscapes, including hiking trails, lakes, campgrounds, and parks.

Quebec enjoys a greater authority over its immigration programs in comparison with other provinces and territories of Canada. It has a dedicated immigration ministry to preserve its French-speaking character. Quebec has the authority to select its immigrants, while the admission is the jurisdiction of the Canadian federal government.

Every aspiring immigrant to Quebec must follow its unique immigration system comprising two steps. The first step involves demonstrating eligibility for a Certificate of Selection (CSQ). The immigration ministry of Quebec checks the eligibility of candidates by assessing human capital factors, work experience, and skills.

 In the second step, the candidate applies for permanent residence after getting the Certificate of Selection. The federal government verifies the admissibility requirements of the candidates before approving the permanent residence status of the candidate. The CSQ is valid for up to 24 months from the issue date. CSQ-holder candidates may be eligible to work in Quebec, awaiting the approval of permanent residence by the federal immigration authorities.

The Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) is an official document confirming the selection of a candidate to live in Quebec permanently. Candidates can apply under various immigration pathways in Quebec using the CSQ. Eligibility to receive the CSQ depends upon several eligibility factors:

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Civil status
  • Financial capability
  • Language ability
  • Family background
  • Quebec experience

The Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Immigration (MIFI) is Quebec’s immigration authority to issue the CSQ. The certificate of selection is not an approval of permanent residence.

Quebec uses a two-step process to select immigrants. In the first step, the immigrant applies for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) under a relevant Quebec immigration program. The Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Immigration oversees the approval of immigrants. The candidate applies to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residence.

The order of the Quebec immigration process involves provincial selection and federal admission. The candidate must submit relevant documents as per the requirement of a specific Quebec immigration program. The following steps are essential for the selection of immigrants:

  • Preliminary evaluation process – The primary evaluation by the nearest immigration office or the Quebec government focuses on verification of the supporting documents accompanying the application. The evaluation is necessary to avoid incomplete applications and rejection.    
  • Interview – The candidate appears for a selection interview on acceptance of the application for a Quebec immigration program.
  • Selection – The immigration counselor may issue a Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC), allowing the applicant to submit a PR application to the IRCC.

Refusal – The refusal of an application includes reasons and guidance for a review process. The immigration authorities issue a Letter of Intent to refuse the application for want of a specific explanation and documents. The applicant has up to sixty days to fulfill the requirements.

Quebec immigration pathways

Quebec operates the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) to meet its labor market demands. The program attracts skilled workers to contribute to the province’s economy and labor force and settle permanently. QSWP uses a point-based selection method to shortlist the most deserving candidates. The points cover the applicant’s education, work experience, Quebec connection, age, and language proficiency.

Quebec leverages Arrima, its online application management system, for the selection of candidates applying for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). Arrima is identical to the Express Entry system. It requires aspiring immigrants to create and upload Expression of Interest profiles in the online system.  

Quebec enables candidates with Quebec experience to leverage its Quebec Experience Program to work and settle by becoming permanent residents. The eligible applicants should have work experience and/ or education in Quebec. PEQ requires applicants to possess intermediate French language proficiency in reading, speaking, and listening.

PEQ is a highly sought-after immigration pathway because several workers and students in Quebec plan to stay in Quebec as permanent residents. The applicant for the Quebec Experience Program must be legally staying in Quebec during the submission and processing of the application.

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Quebec provides three immigration pathways under Quebec Business Immigration. The applicants should demonstrate financial eligibility business experience and other resources to invest, launch, purchase, or collaborate in a business.

  • Quebec Entrepreneur program – Applicants who wish to acquire an existing business or launch a new venture prefer Quebec Entrepreneur Program
  • Quebec Self-employed program – Tradespersons and professionals leverage Quebec Self-employed program to become permanent residents in Quebec. 
  • Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) – Quebec operates Canada’s only program for business investors who wish to become permanent residents. QIIP is the world’s most sought-after passive investor program.
  • Quebec Pilot Programs – Applicants with skilled work experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI), food services, VFX, and information technology may explore Quebec pilot programs for permanent immigration. Families of principal applicants are also eligible to immigrate under the pilot programs.  

Navigating through Quebec immigration pathways can be complex as the province operates a unique immigration system. Royal Citizen Immigration promises complete support to aspiring immigrants at every stage of their immigration journey. Our experienced immigration consultants ensure personalized guidance to help individuals immigrate to Quebec by understanding their profiles and immigration goals. Contact Royal Citizen Immigration to begin your Canada journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite being a province of Canada, Quebec differs from the rest of Canada on cultural and linguistic parameters. As per the Canada-Quebec Accord, the federal government of Canada allows Quebec to develop its immigration programs to maintain its cultural uniqueness and French-speaking character.

A CSQ is short for Certificat de Sélection du Québec, a certificate by the Quebec government recommending a candidate for permanent residence to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We also know the certificate as Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC).

Quebec’s immigration system follows a two-step process. Selection of the candidate at the provincial level and admission as a permanent resident at the federal level.

Arrima online system is Quebec’s application management program for skilled workers, similar to the Express Entry system. The applicant of the Quebec Skilled Worker program creates their Expression of Interest profile in the system for the points-based selection.

Candidates working in Quebec with a valid work permit can extend it after receiving the Quebec Selection Certificate.

The common in-demand occupations in Quebec are professional services, health, education, information technology, finance, and transportation.

Quebec launched special pilot programs to attract candidates in food processing, information technology, and health occupations. The province also updates the list of in-demand occupations to bridge its labor market gaps periodically.

A person can use the job offer to improve the chances of getting permanent residence in Quebec. However, it is not a requirement for Quebec immigration.

A Quebec Selection certificate enables the person to apply for permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It does not allow the individual to study or work.

A post-secondary diploma from an institution in Quebec helps international students to become eligible for the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) and settle in Quebec. It is also helpful for individuals working in Quebec.

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