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Overview of Non-availability and Availability of IRCC Services During the Ongoing Strike

Queries about service disruptions following the strike by IRCC employees are flooding the Department of Immigration.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) released information about what services will be available and not available to the clients. Typical IRCC services like online applications, access to online accounts, and emergency services are available. There will be delays in several services, like in-person appointments, application processing, citizenship ceremonies, and phone or e-mail communications.

Consular services

Clients living abroad may contact the nearest office of the IRCC through a web form to seek urgent consular assistance. You can anticipate delays in replacement visas and passport services, as the IRCC will focus on emergency applications for humanitarian reasons. Application processing will continue abroad, though there will be delays.

Rescheduling appointments

IRCC will communicate with clients who have immigration-specific appointments in Canada. There will be a rescheduling of citizenship events. Overseas interviews are likely to proceed as per the schedule if there is no particular communication by the IRCC offices in foreign countries.

Maintaining status

Submission of an application for the extension of temporary resident status before the expiration date is mandatory to maintain the legal status by extension. Submit the complete applications for an extension by complying with all requirements like biometrics and fees. Clients can benefit from ‘maintained status’ by meeting these conditions. They can continue living in Canada, awaiting the decision by IRCC officials on the file.

Support Center

Expecting longer service delays, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is providing access to its Support Center by staffing it with essential workers. Clients may request the IRCC Support Center to return official documents like a birth certificate or a passport, as the strike may continue longer, causing severe service delays.

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