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The founder Mrs. Min Xie is originally from Mainland China. She migrated to Ireland in 2000 after graduating with an Import and Export Trading degree from Nanchang University, Jiangxi. 

During her eight years of studying and working in Dublin, Ireland, she obtained a Hospitality Management Diploma, a Business Management Degree, and an Accounting MBA. During this time, she got accustomed to the multi-culture lifestyle and even started enjoying the experience. 

Min later migrated from Ireland to Canada in Nov 2008 and started her career as a licensed real estate agent and professional restaurant owner in 2009. Her experience of working with people and handling many things has turned her into a multitasking professional. Her thoughts and ideas are in sync with the modern business world. Min is a natural go-getter, which has helped her succeed in everything she does.

Min loves to work hard during the weekdays and enjoys her hobbies at weekends. She is an outgoing person who enjoys traveling, jogging, and golfing. She founded her own golf club in Vancouver, BC.

As a licensed immigration consultant, Min launched Royal Citizen Immigration Services Ltd. in Vancouver, BC. She has helped many clients successfully deal with the PR and citizenship process.

The immigration process is very long and complex, but Min has been able to research and understand every step of the immigration journey in detail. She has firsthand experience of the process of migrating from Ireland to Canada as a temporary student to a temporary foreign worker, to landing immigrant, to a Permanent Resident. She is now a proud Canadian citizen. 

Min now wants to use all her skills, knowledge, and experience to help people have a smooth and successful migration journey to Canada. She wants her clients to achieve their goals, just like she achieved hers.  

Min specializes in providing various services, including work permits, study permits, provincial nomination, and business immigration. She also handles pathways such as SUV, Self Employed, Owner Operator, family sponsorship, parent and grandparent sponsorship, and tourist visa. Royal Citizen is your one-stop service for all your Canadian immigration needs.

Have 30+ Years Immigration Experience for Give you Visa Approval.

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