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Minimum Wage Rates to Go up across Six Provinces in Canada

Effective October 2023, six Canadian provinces plan to hike regional minimum wage rates.

The recent wage rise increased the federal minimum wage to $16.65 from $15.55, benefitting over 26,000 workers in federally regulated private sectors whose hourly earnings were less than $15.55. Most provinces in Canada are planning to respond to the federal minimum wage increase by boosting the regional minimum wages.

The following wage increase is on the cards. Figures in the brackets refer to the current minimum wages.

Ontario – $16.55 (15.50)

Manitoba – $15.30 (14.15)

Saskatchewan – $14.00 (13.00)

Nova Scotia – $15.00 (14.50)

Newfoundland – $15.00 (14.50)

Prince Edward Island – $15.00 (14.50)

Wage Increase to benefit new immigrants

Canada welcomed 437,120 new immigrants in 2022, with a majority of newcomers in low-wage occupations. Every new immigrant worker enjoys equal rights and protections as those for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Canada provides a safe working environment for all international students, temporary foreign workers, and other employees.

The new wage increase decisions in six out of ten provinces will benefit newcomers who draw lower minimum wages. New immigrant workers in the six provinces will improve their earning potential beginning October 1, 2023. The wage rise will also help them live comfortably during their working tenures.

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