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Manitoba’s Latest EOI Draw Invites 589 Candidates

Manitoba held the month’s first Expression of Interest (EOI) draw on June 1, 2023, issuing 589 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs). The draw considered 214 applicants having active Express Entry profiles.

Skilled Workers in Manitoba

The occupation-specific selection of candidates having current employment in Manitoba targeted 262 skilled workers having the lowest ranking score of 607 points. The draw focused on the following major groups in NOC 2021:

11 (Professional occupations in finance and business)

13 (Administrative occupations and transportation logistics operations)

21 (Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences)

42 (Front-line public protection services and paraprofessional occupations in legal, social, community, and education services)

44 (Care providers and legal and public protection support occupations)

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program EOI draw selected 240 candidates with the lowest ranking score of 669 under the All-occupations draw, besides 56 candidates under the International Education stream.

The Skilled Workers Overseas stream of MPNP selected 31 candidates for Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs). The draw selected candidates having the lowest ranking of 801 points, through the Strategic Recruitment Initiative  

MPNP EOI draws

Manitoba conducts Expression of Interest (EOI) draws, selecting eligible candidates to address its economic and labor market needs. Candidates must follow these steps while applying to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program:

Create an online Expression of Interest profile 

Save EOI Summary Report copy 

Submit the final application after receiving the Letter of Advice to Apply

Receive nomination to apply for permanent residence 

The EOI profile stays active for one year, and the candidate can update the profile with additional work experience, language test results, and educational qualifications.

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