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IRCC Reports a Slight Uptick in Application Backlog Resulting in Processing Delays

Canada is dealing with a massive application backlog because of multiple reasons, causing concerns for immigration aspirants.

IRCC reported an inventory of 2,248,000 applications according to the May 31 figures. There is an enormous backlog of 820,000 applications not within service standards. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) sets specific service standards for different categories of immigration pathways as follows:

Permanent Residence applications through Express Entry – 6 months

Temporary Residence Permit applications – 60 to 120 days

Family Class Sponsorship application – 12 months

The backlog refers to applications awaiting decisions beyond the standard service standards.

The following are application backlogs for various immigration pathways:

Permanent Residence applications – 48 percent

Spousal and common law sponsorship applications – 20 percent

Provincial Nominee Program applications – 30 percent

Citizenship applications – 27 percent

Work permit applications – 27 percent

The growing backlog of immigration applications is because of growing demand, aging systems, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) strike, and staff shortages. Aspiring immigrants to Canada need to check the status of their application on the official IRCC website often. They may use the processing times tool to know the current processing times. Ensuring the correct submission of documents is crucial to avoid delays.

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