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IRCC Implements LOA Verification to Process Study Visa Applications

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) started the verification of Letters of Acceptance (LOAs) by DLIs to strengthen the integrity of Canada’s International Student Program.  

International students aspiring to pursue study programs in Canada must provide Letters of Acceptance from Designated Learning Institutions to support their student visa applications. Canada’s immigration department launched a dedicated online portal to help Designated Learning Institutions verify Letters of Acceptance (LOAs).

IRCC-authorized representatives of DLIs can access the online portal to validate their Letters of Acceptance within ten calendar days. It will facilitate the processing of student visas. IRCC will cancel the application for a student visa if:

The DLI validates the LOA as a fake

The DLI cannot validate the LOA within the specified time frame

Canada is implementing several measures to boost the integrity of its International Student Program and safeguard students against immigration scams. Seven hundred students were on the verge of deportation the previous year because of fake Letters of Acceptance (LOAs). Fraudulent immigration agents fabricated the LOAs to scam the immigration system.

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