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Canadian Study Experience Improves Earning Potential of Immigrants

A recent Statistics Canada study to assess the correlation between study experience in Canada and post-immigration earnings reported impressive findings.

Benefits of Canadian education

The most exciting finding of this report was a direct relationship between higher earning potential of economic immigration candidates who completed a study program in Canada. These candidates have better earnings than those with no study experience in Canada.

Immigrants who pursue studies in Canada gain better Canadian work experience and language proficiency. These factors boost the earning potential of candidates with study experience in Canadian institutions.

International students are eligible to work off-campus and improve their social connections, besides gaining work experience. They can apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) to qualify for permanent residence.

The study by Statistics Canada observed that international students who complete education in Canada may have pre-immigration earnings and better education besides being younger than immigrants with no Canadian study experience. Education in Canada helps improve the candidate’s ability to communicate in Canada’s official languages.

Studying in Canada

Canada provides a broad spectrum of study programs to enhance the occupational skills of international candidates. The study programs ensure smoother integration of the students into Canada’s labor market, society, and economy. Graduation from a Canadian post-secondary institution helps international students gain valuable work experience by extending their stay. It facilitates them to apply for permanent residence through multiple economic immigration pathways.

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