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Canadian Agriculture Sector Cautions Against Temporary Immigration Cutbacks

The Canadian agriculture sector is raising concerns over the 2024 federal budget’s decision to cut back on temporary immigration. This move is expected to result in a significant reduction in temporary foreign workers. This could negatively impact agricultural businesses.

The federal government plans to reduce the share of temporary residents in Canada to five percent of the total population over the next three years. 

This policy will result in 600,000 fewer temporary residents than current numbers. The agricultural sector, which heavily relies on temporary foreign workers, could face huge challenges due to this move.

Industry experts argue that grouping temporary foreign workers with international students is unfair. They emphasize that the two programs serve different purposes and are managed by various government departments.

Critics also highlight that contrary to some government claims, temporary foreign workers are not responsible for Canada’s housing crisis.

A January Canadian Press report indicated that Ottawa was warned about the connection between immigration and housing pressures two years ago. The document pointed out that population growth in Canada has outpaced the growth in available housing units. 

Experts have also disputed the notion that immigrants are causing the housing shortage. They argue that the real issue lies with investors and builders limiting the housing supply to keep prices high.

They also note that most temporary workers and students do not compete for housing in the same way as citizens, as they are often housed by employers or live in campus accommodations.

In rural agricultural areas, temporary foreign workers are typically provided with employer-paid housing or are comfortably settled. These workers fill job vacancies that cannot be confused with the influx of international students in urban centers.The Canadian Mushroom Growers’ Association has called for a thorough consultation with farmers and food processors before making decisions that affect temporary foreign workers in agriculture and agri-food processing. 

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