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Canada is Leveraging Automation to Expedite IEC Work Permit Processing

Canada is adopting a new Automation Tool to speed up and streamline work permit applications under International Experience Canada

 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) plans to help applicants for work permits under International Experience Canada (IEC). IRCC will leverage the new Automation Tool to enhance the speed of application processing by:

Categorizing work permit applications according to difficulty levels

Assessing eligibility of regular work permit applications

Automating application processing is crucial in expediting decision-making for applicants, ultimately resulting in faster outcomes. 

The new Automation Tool is identical to the one already in use for LMIA-based Post Graduate Work Permits. IRCC adopted such AI applications for Super Visas and Visitor Visas. It will facilitate young applicants of IEC from abroad to visit and work in Canada without hassles. 

IRCC conducts periodic reviews of the Automation Tools using human evaluation methods. The tool can rank applications on priority by leveraging the rules and regulatory requirements of the program.

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence by IRCC underlines Canada’s commitment to streamline applications for speedy processing. Automation Tools boost the integrity of the process as each application receives an unbiased review.

The triage function of the Automated Tool takes over the repetitive and clerical tasks, including application sorting. It empowers immigration officers to devote quality time to assess the applications for the final decision. Learn more about working in Canada by getting a valid Work Permit. Know your options here.

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