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Canada Expects to Welcome Record Number of International Students in 2023

The recent IRCC data shows encouraging trends, as Canada is on track to process a record number of study permit applications in 2023.

A recent report confirms Canada registered an annual rise of over 300,000 study permit applications from 2019 to 2022. IRCC is confident of welcoming 900,000 new international students in 2023, but the recent trends show that the number may be much higher. IRCC predicts the number of new international students arriving in Canada this year to be 949,000.

Canadian universities consistently rank among the top universities across the globe. The rapid growth in the number of new study applications keeps soaring each year and will reach the 1.4 million mark by 2027, according to an internal policy document by IRCC.

The January to June period witnessed a 77 percent rise over last year as Canada processed over 280,000 new study permits this year. The number of study permit applications increased by 49% in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. IRCC may close in 2023 by processing over 600,000 study permits.  

The growth in study permits is across smaller provinces because of housing and affordability issues in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. Smaller provinces promise affordable housing, tuition fees, and lower cost of living.

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