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Canada Emerges as the World’s Most Sought-after Work Destination

A new study by Givetastic, a British Company, placed Canada as the world’s most desirable work destination.

Canada scored the highest points in response to a survey covering respondents from 164 countries. The study determined the top work destinations of the globe by analyzing search volume on the most relevant keywords. Canada’s exciting job market, supportive healthcare, and excellent employee benefits were the main factors in its top position among the globe’s work destinations.

Several countries, including the US, South Korea, Kenya, Chile, Philippines, Bangladesh, Ecuador, and Nigeria, rate Canada as a dream work destination. The following attributes help Canada achieve the position of the world’s most attractive work destination:

Safety- Canada has low crime rates, making it a safe and peaceful country for overseas students, workers, and their families.

Diversity- Being home to millions of immigrants with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, Canada promises inclusivity and respect for all religions. It enables new immigrants to integrate into the society with ease. 

Work opportunities- Canada aims to leverage the immigration of skilled workers to address historic labor shortages. It supports workforce diversity to meet economic and demographic goals. 

The Canadian immigration system provides multiple avenues to encourage international workers to become permanent residents. Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, business immigration streams, and family sponsorship programs help immigrants and their families settle in Canada.

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