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Canada Accelerates Processing of Spousal TRVs with Higher Approval Rates

IRCC aims to process spousal TRVs within thirty days with a 90 percent approval rating.

In a significant boost to its family unification strategy, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reports 30 days processing time for Temporary Resident Visa applications of spousal candidates. IRCC is implementing this measure for spousal applicants seeking permanent residence in Canada. They need not stay in their home country waiting for approval of their PR application as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) will help them unite with their families in Canada.

 Spousal applicants for permanent residency can remain in Canada, awaiting a decision on their PR application. It will facilitate their integration into the communities before becoming permanent residents. The TRV approval rating of spousal applicants is 90 percent because IRCC adopts advanced analytics to process these applications. Immigration officers can assess the probability of the spousal applicants being eligible for permanent residence. Spousal applicants can start working in Canada within 90 days after applying for Temporary Resident Visa. The 90-day period comprises 30 days for TRV approval and 60 days for approval of a work permit according to IRCC service standards. Canadian permanent residents and citizens can sponsor their dependent children, spouse, or common-law partner by submitting an undertaking agreement to accept their financial responsibility. 

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