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Canada is a goldmine of opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and business visitors with its business-friendly policies, dynamic economy, cutting-edge research and development activities, and advanced infrastructure. Canada’s Business Immigration programs enable self-employed persons, business owners, and investors to settle in Canada for a prosperous and secure future. An established business immigration consultant guides you to choose from a broad spectrum of business immigration pathways. Keep reading to find out various federal and provincial business immigration options.

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Foreign investors, business owners, and self-employed persons can explore diverse business opportunities in Canada because of its booming economy and business-friendly policies. Canada’s business visa pathways, including the federal and provincial immigration programs, help thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and investors settle and prosper in Canada.

The nation encourages successful business owners and investors to contribute to its economy by leveraging several business visa programs like startup visas, business visitor visas, PNP entrepreneur visas, and self-employed visas. Aspiring candidates willing to benefit from Canadian business immigration programs should demonstrate their skills and commitment to establishing or investing in a business in Canada.  

Canada’s low tax ecosystem and business-supportive policies make it an ideal destination for launching a business venture. The nation occupies the best position among G-20 nations because of its bright financial prospect. Business immigrants prefer Canada because of the outstanding quality of life, friendly communities, immigrant-friendly government policies, and robust infrastructure.

 Business immigration programs allow immigrant entrepreneurs to bring their families as permanent residents. Families of business owners can enjoy a secure environment and a world-class education and healthcare system.

Canada Startup visa

Foreign entrepreneurs with innovative business proposals can leverage the startup visa program to immigrate and establish their businesses in Canada. The program helps them associate with Canada’s private sector organizations for guidance, funding, and expertise to open and operate the business in Canada. The applicants need not invest in their business as they can receive angel investment or venture capital from a designated organization in Canada.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) designates private institutes to support the applicant of startup visa by way of investment. The peer review process for approval of a startup business visa involves ownership verification and assessment of incorporation details of the business. The peer review process determines the business viability by assessing the business model. It also investigates the authenticity of agreements between startup visa applicants and the designated institute.

The startup visa requires applicants to provide proof of support from an IRCC-designated private organization to launch and operate the business in Canada. IRCC recognizes angel investors, venture capital companies, and business incubators as supporting organizations.

These organizations should get a recommendation from partner industry organizations of IRCC, comprising the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) and Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA). The organization should provide a supporting letter to help the startup applicant succeed in the business venture.

The most crucial requirement to get a startup visa is to arrange minimum-specified investment from IRCC-designated angel investors, business incubators, or venture capitalists. The applicant’s business activities and location should be within Canada. They must be active in the business’s management and operational activities. Startup owners should have over 10 percent voting rights.

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Immigration options for Self-employed individuals

Canada welcomes self-employed persons to settle and contribute to its economy through self-employed immigration programs. These help people with proven skills in cultural, agricultural, and athletic fields to get permanent residency.

The self-employed immigration pathways allow applicants to pursue skills in several career options. Self-employed persons need no commitment of investment or proof of net worth to qualify for permanent residence. They should have not less than two years of experience in the relevant field of occupation.

Several streams in Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) provide immigration options to self-employed persons. Canadian provinces and territories encourage candidates with skills in specific occupations to immigrate and support the provincial economy.

Business visitor visa

Canada is a leading global economy and a member of G-7 countries, besides being a signatory to international trade agreements like NAFTA and CUSMA. Thousands of business visitors arrive in Canada on diverse business assignments each year. These include trade fairs, annual conferences, business partnership meetings, and training seminars. A business visitor visa is necessary for a short-term business visit to Canada.

  • A business visitor visa is helpful for several types of visits, such as:
  • Attending conferences, seminars, training programs, and trade exhibitions
  • Purchasing or sourcing products for a foreign country
  • Delivering services like after-sales or product training to customers
  • Business expansion activities like product presentations, surveys, and customer meets

Individuals seeking business visitor visas should convince the immigration authorities of the following factors:

  • They are eligible to meet basic entry requirements like medical and criminal inadmissibility. 
  • No intention to live in Canada for over six months
  • No plans to accept a job and impact the local job market
  • They have no income source in Canada
  • Their place of business is outside of Canada 

Canada business immigration programs empower entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and business visitors to enter Canada without hassles. A business visa is crucial to opening and running a startup venture in Canada. Professional business immigration consultants help aspiring entrepreneurs explore different business visa options to settle in Canada by running a successful business venture. Royal Citizen Immigration guides aspiring immigrants in completing documentation and application processes for successful business immigration. Contact us to know your business visa options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Canada provides an immigration pathway to self-employed people through the federal self-employed visa. Entrepreneurs can explore a Start-up visa or Federal Entrepreneur program to settle in Canada. Several provinces operate business immigration pathways for self-employed and start-up business owners.

Canada’s supportive business policies, business-friendly environment, booming economy, high living standards, and world-class educational institutions make Canada an attractive destination for business-class immigrants.

Quebec operates Quebec Immigrant Investor to enable passive investors to become permanent residents.

Active business investors can explore an Entrepreneur Start-up visa besides many provincial immigration programs for entrepreneurs to settle in Canada by launching or taking over a business.

Applicants of the Start-up visa program can approach angel investors for funding support. These individuals are ready to invest in start-up programs, besides providing managerial and industry expertise.

Venture capitalists can support start-up entrepreneurs at every stage of the business through investments.  

Business incubators are ready to help innovative start-ups for launching and operating their businesses. They support start-ups in multiple ways, including management training, funding, venture capital framing, and arranging office spaces.

The applicant of Canada’s entrepreneur immigration program makes sufficient investments to boost Canada’s economy. They should be willing to actively participate in business operations and provide employment to at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Many provinces operate Provincial Nominee Programs to help business owners, self-employed individuals, and start-up entrepreneurs to settle and contribute to the provincial economy. These are Business PNPs.

The applicant of the business immigration program should have sufficient funds to invest in a business, relevant managerial experience of running a business successfully, English and/or French language proficiency, sound banking history, and excellent business credentials.

Applicants of Canada’s Federal Start-up Visa program should establish links with private investor organizations in Canada like business incubators, angel investors, or venture capitalists. These will help them with managerial support, funding, and guidance in operating the business. The applicants should demonstrate an ability to run an innovative startup business to settle in Canada.

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