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British Columbia Passes a Law to Streamline Employment of Foreign Workers

A new law by British Columbia aims to enhance employment recognition of skilled professionals

British Columbia passed the International Credentials Act on November 8, 2023, after the royal assent. The new law will eliminate the mandatory criterion of Canadian work experience for foreign workers seeking credentials recognition in regulated occupations.

The new law will be effective in the summer of 2024 and will enable British Columbia to expedite the employment of foreign workers, helping the province benefit from their skills. British Columbia plans to help skilled professionals by removing roadblocks and challenges they face during the credentials recognition process.

There will be a cap on processing times, besides removing language-testing requirements, when the new act comes into effect. The changes are necessary for enhancing the efficiency, transparency, and accountability of the process.

The International Credentials Recognition Act proposes to remove credential recognition barriers in 29 in-demand professions. It will help qualified international workers get their credential recognition without hassles.

British Columbia will have to fill a million job openings over the next ten years. The new act will allow qualified professionals to find work in relevant fields. Internationally trained professionals aspiring to work in British Columbia can pursue their career objectives by getting jobs in their fields of interest.

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