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Alberta Releases Detailed Allocation of the 2024 Provincial Immigration Nominations

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) has released its latest nomination statistics for 2024, providing insights into the allocation and distribution of nominations across various streams. 

This year, the IRCC has allocated 9,750 nominations to the AAIP.

The Alberta Opportunity Stream received the highest number of nominations, with 2,245 issued out of an estimated 5,393. This stream is designed for skilled workers already in Alberta with job offers from local employers, facilitating their path to permanent residence.

The Express Entry Stream, aligned with the federal Express Entry system, saw 983 nominations issued from an allocated 1,775. This stream targets candidates with strong ties to Alberta or those who meet the province’s labor market needs.

Dedicated Healthcare Pathways received 228 nominations out of an allocated 320. It indicates Alberta’s focus on addressing healthcare sector shortages by attracting and retaining skilled professionals.

The Accelerated Tech Pathway, aimed at bolstering Alberta’s technology sector, had 536 nominations from 1,047 allocated. This pathway targets highly skilled tech professionals to support the province’s growing tech industry.

The Rural Renewal Stream issued 971 nominations from a total of 1,900 allocated. This stream addresses labor shortages in rural communities, supporting growth and sustainability in smaller communities across Alberta.

The Tourism and Hospitality Stream, essential to Alberta’s economy, had 135 nominations out of 660 allocated. This stream ensures that the tourism and hospitality industries have the necessary workforce.

The Priority Sector Draws and Other Initiatives category received 116 nominations from an allocated 231, targeting specific occupations or sectors critical to Alberta’s economic needs.

Family Connection and Occupation in Demand Stream issued 103 nominations out of the 177 available, facilitating immigration for individuals with family ties in Alberta or those in high-demand occupations.

The Entrepreneur Streams, including Foreign Graduate, Graduate, Rural, and Farm Streams, received the fewest nominations, with only three issued out of a possible 22.

Alberta issued 4,337 nominations out of the 9,750 allocated for 2024. This leaves substantial room for further nominations throughout the year, allowing the AAIP to adapt and respond to emerging economic needs. 

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